Finnish OATGOODS is a versatile food ingredient made from roasted oats and rapeseed oil. It has the superb combination of wholegrain oat and rapeseed oil. OATGOODS improves the taste, texture of the foods. OATGOODS is already being used in several of our products. 

OATGOODS makes good

OATGOODS contains whole grain oats. Oats have several health claims approved by the European Commission. Oats are high in fiber and a source of protein.  In addition oats provide you with vitamins and minerals.

OATGOODS also contains rapeseed oil, which gives you the essential omega 3-fatty acids.

OATGOODS is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and doesn´t contain any ingredients of animal origin. In addition, OATGOODS is GMO free.

Improving taste and structure in food

OATGOODS improves the taste, texture and composition of products. OATGOODS is an easy way to add fiber and good vegetable fats to pastries and even meat dishes.

By using OATGOODS you can add more fiber and good fats for example into meat and pastries. 


OATGOODS - outstanding benefits

Täynnä terveellistä energiaa

Full of energy

  • Energy rich, contains carbohydrates, protein and good fats


Good taste and versatile use

  • Brings good taste and pleasant mounthfeeling 
  • Is suitable for both salty and sweet products, for every day life and celebrations. 
Kasvipohjainen innovaatio

Plant-based innovation

  • Made from wholegrain oats, rapeseed oil and rice protein. We have over 10 patents pending for this innovation.
  • Suitable for vegans
  • GMO-free